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Hi all,

I’m completely new, hope I’m in the right place. After leaving my previous industry to have a family, I want to start something completely new.
I want to train in waxing to become a mobile therapist and looking for training recommendations. I’m based in East Lancashire but don’t mind travelling.
I’m undecided if I want to go down the road of intimate waxing or not.
I’d rather do a course where I’m free to choose whatever brand of wax I desire once I’m qualified and not be tied to what I trained in.
There seems to be so many options out there it’s hard to judge.
My local college does it but I’d rather do all the course over a day or two whereas they take it a couple of hours a week for 2 months.
I’ve been reading about Kim Lawless and my gut is saying go there but on her speed waxing course do you learn to wax all areas of the legs etc? Or is it just a technique you’re learning??
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Have a look at The Elite Wax Group. I’ve done their training and it was fab. I wanted a complete change of career so did the full start up course. This included business set up, full body, intimate, facial waxing and brows. Natalie is so supportive the wax is also vegan x

Speed waxing really just means put the wax on more area all at once before starting to remove it with strips. I did Kim Lawless but I was already a qualified waxer. The speed waxing from memory just covered the lower leg, under arm, eyebrows and lip I think. I can’t quite recall.

I would highly recommend Kim Lawless. I did my training with her in speed waxing and intimate waxing and can't fault her at all. Not only does she teach great techniques etc but she also sends you away feeling confident which is really important!
I personally would recommend training in intimate too if it's something you are comfortable with. A lot of people want this doing so it's a great service to be able to offer. X

Oh and the speed waxing covered legs, underarms, basic bikini, brows, top lip, nostrils. And the same technique can be applied to other areas such as arms or backs. If you train with Kim you can do 2 days back to back. The first day is the speed waxing and the second is the intimate waxing. Kim does sell her own wax but you are free to use any wax once you are trained by her.

I second the intimate waxing. It’s very popular. I’m very busy with intimate. I use Kim’s wax, it’s very good.

Thank you all, Kim Lawless it is! I’ll do the speed waxing to start with then consider the intimate course afterwards :)


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I was the same as you but ended up doing both courses together. I only do intimate waxing now so it was the best thing I did. If you’re travelling there anyway you should do both because once you do the first day I’ll bet you’ll wish you were staying for the second. Good luck.


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I employ someone who trained on a short course. She had a few clients at home.

When we did her induction her waxing standard was very poor. She was confident but didn't have good technique. She was quite drippy and messy as well. She learned fast and I sent her off for speed waxing training after I felt she was experienced enough to be able to benefit. She loved it and trained in intimate waxing a couple of weeks later.

When you first learn you have to learn to look at the direction of hair growth and apply wax either in the same direction or in the opposite direction of growth depending on wax type. This is quite a lot to think about so you don't notice that your application technique is sloppy. Taking off is the same - newbies are so busy reminding themselves about hair direction that the finer points of removal get forgotten.

Speed waxing is best learned when you don't need to consciously think about hair growth direction any more - like driving, one day you don't think "mirror, signal, move". You'll retain more information if you've learned the basics already.

Practical skills need repeated practise. If you go on a one day dancing class you might end the day beautifully confident, but a week later find that you've forgotten some of what you learned.

Everyone is different. Some people have superb motor co-ordination and pick things up very easily - but in a class of 18 trainees, working in groups of 3, only 1-2 students will be waxing confidently by the end of the session, most will be getting the hang of it and 2-3 will be confused and struggling to actually do what has been demonstrated.

I'm a very good waxer. I learned in college, practised a lot and I've been on 3 intimate waxing courses - each time learning new tips and techniques. I go to demonstrations, watch you-tube and observe staff who have trained elsewhere.

As my new starter said "I didn't know there was so much to learn..."


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On Kim’s course there’s only about 6 people at a time and it’s very one to one. I’d never waxed at all before I went and I think I was better than some people who’d already waxed because they had bad habits and I just did what I was told. Of course you won’t be an excellent intimate waxer after 2 day’s training but you are constantly learning as you work. I’ve been doing just Intimate for nearly 6 years and I think I’m still learning every wax I do.