Waxing course advice please?


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Jul 23, 2010
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Sunny Eastbourne!
Hi there! I have done a Diploma in Complementary Therapy and want to be able to offer clients (probs my daughter and friends!) waxing. Which would be the best course to do..a day at Capital or a day at Gateway? The Gateway one carries CPD points, so does that make it the better one? Also any advice on which kit to buy would be very greatly appreciated!..Many thanks..
Compare the course content, would be my advice. I was looking for advanced waxing the other day, and im unsure whether the gateway course covers all the popular areas and not just the legs. As course providers I cannot comment on the standard of the courses as I haven't trained with capital and only did a holistic course a fair few years ago with gateway. hth and good luck xx
Many thanks for that! Content seems to be about the same, but Capital will only have a few people in at a time..they have a small training room..so that may be better as its more 'one to one' than in a potentailly larger classroom.Insurance will accept both,so perhaps might as well stick to the most local!Any advice as to which starter kit to buy would be appreciated..thanks.

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