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Jul 2, 2011
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Hi all - well I like to share when I've received good training as we all no its invaluable to learn something right the first time rather than paying out for more training!

I did the intimate waxing course with Julie at sanctuary 12 it was excellent value for money as I had one to one training with her and she provided 3 models for me.

It was real hands on training and left me feeling more than confident to start offering this service to clients .... What more can you ask from a training course! Wanted to share and hope this helps someone looking for a course, she's in altrinham and I think is joe90 on here! Xxxx
Thank you would be very interested to inquire :)
You can contact her through her website but if you can't get hold of her let me no and I'll pm you her number I'd definitely recommend I did my basic training with her too!x
Hi, please could you pm me joe90's website/ contact info as I'm looking for a waxing course ? Thanks, Lisa x

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