Waxing frustration!!


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Aug 22, 2007
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Well, many of you know I have recently added Waxing onto my treatment list. Its a treatment I love doing, not because I get to hurt people, but because its great to see the results when your done and the look on a clients face when they realise the pain / discomfort was all worth it!

Except I'm soo bloody frustrated at the moment ... I just can't seem to get the clients. Well no, I can get the clients ... lots of them! Just that about 90% of the calls I get are from guys after Brazilian waxing - which I'm not doing ... yet.

3 of the top 10 search phrases people use to find my size are Brazilian related, 6 are generic male waxing and 1 specifically for back waxing. One of the most popular pages on my website? The one that describes the BCS but says I'm not yet doing it.

As soon as I get to do the training it will be awesome, its just so frustrating to know that I am so close yet it is just out of my reach!! I want to get some more clients through to perfect basic waxing techniques first.

I've had potential clients call and say its ok to practice on them, they just want it done, had one guy today ask how he should do it himself "am i best using small strips?" NO! Your best seeing a qualified practitioner!!

Sorry guys, just wanted to get that off my chest!

Mat xx
Hang in there Mat............you're gonna be a fab waxer, I can tell. What's stopping you doing your male intimate training now? xxx
Mat, IMO you are doing the right thing by perfecting your basic waxing technique before moving onto Brazilian waxing - the time and effort you spend now will pay dividends in the future, believe me!

Some suggestions for you: cycling associations, sports clubs, swimming pools, bodybuilders, gyms (in fact anywhere with body-conscious guys!), barbershops, strip-o-grams, kiss-o-grams, dancing schools/clubs, army bases, RAF bases, students, the transgender and transvestite community, gay publications, local clubbing mags, the free press, community newsletters... Get the word out there, it'll take time but it WILL happen. And don't forget the power of female persuasion, especially with Valentine Day coming up!! :wink2:

Hello Mat :hug:

When you are ready to train....


Sorry, was I shouting? :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Seriously, I cannot sing Andy's praises highly enough, he is a fantastic waxer, a wonderful trainer and a beautiful human being :D
oh Mat don't worry it will all come together in the end

you sound like you have a real passion for waxing
Thanks guys, very much appreciated! I think I have my work for Feb sorted with Andy's suggestions. :)

Its amazing how things happen, I posted this and was chatting to some friends on MSN an hour or so later talking about the training, I now have upto three volunteers to be models for me! I thought that was going to be the biggest challenge of all. :)

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