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Apr 13, 2013
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I am still training and have started charging 'training rates' at home which took affect last week. Today I had a full leg wax and to be honest it was my first ever one!! Do you have any useful tips. I started with both bottom legs, and then tops of thighs and turned the client around and did the back. I am still getting the hang of the wax, getting better the more I practice but is there a technique when covering the legs with wax, especially the sides of the bottom legs as I always seem to miss some hairs. Also, my client was pretty hairy and the hairs were long. I have a feeling some hairs snapped off at the back of the thigh as I saw black dots - could that be from hairs snapping off? I was very careful with the hair direction. I have never snapped hair off and am worried what could have gone wrong. Also, I did miss a few hairs along the inner thigh - is there a method? Your help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to become a good beauty therapist. Thanks xx ps my client said that when she goes to have her hairs waxed they rub down the strip not up, is this correct? I was shown to rub up with the palm of my hand.
Also, the back of the knee, I was told not to wax this at beauty school - my client had some hairs, can I wax it?
You seem to have done extremely well to be honest my darling, there are a lot of very experience waxers around who dread doing a full leg. Use the search facility and look up full leg waxing and you will see what I mean.

When you do the first half of the legs either front or back try to go over half way around so that when you turn the client over it is easier not to miss a strip where the back joins the front. This is a common problem and it just takes a bit of thought to join both the areas, eventually it will become second nature.

The backs of thighs have often got ingrown hairs due to dry skin mainly as most women forget about this area. A lot are not even aware they have hair growing there. The hair tends to grow from the outer thigh across to the inner thigh and can sometimes be very thick and/or long. You may have broken these hairs but I think that the client just had a problem with a bit of dry skin and the black dots are just hairs that have not been able to break the surface of the skin yet. Advising the client to exfoliate and moisturise will prevent this in future.

As for the backs of knees, if my client is hair there then I put a very thin layer of oil over the area so that the wax doesn't stick to the skin, blot with some couch roll and wax once, the hairs tend to come out really easily here too so there isn't a problem with leaving any behind. Make sure the wax is not too hot on this delicate area.

When applying a strip I tend to rub the strip in the same direction of the hair growth so on a lower front leg it would be in a downward normally, outer to inner thigh etc but I honestly don't think it makes too much difference as long as you have put enough pressure on the wax when applying so the it gets to the roots of the hair and that the strip is on firmly too.

I hope I have covered all your questions, forgive me if I haven't but I am old and forgetful! :wink2:
I found this video very helpful when I had just trained http://youtu.be/t_kSNbVursY she has a lot of tips on how to do speedy leg waxing x
The black dots could have been where they are rubbed away if she sits all day. Especially on dark haired people or Asian (Indian not Oriental) clients.

Sounds as though you did good! When you get to the thigh, section it. Do the side of the thighs, then move inwards but removing from the bottom upwards towards to hip. This way you'll always have a wax free zone to stretch on.

Well done!
Ladies, thank you so much for your vote of confidence and for your helpful tips. Really appreciate it. xxx
What lovely replies & help to this topic.. Enjoyed reading this!!

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