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Jul 28, 2007
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hi geeks I could really do with some help on what is the best and most up to date course to take in waxing. I am a trained nailtechnician and I have so many people ask if i do waxing that im gonna do a course. The only thing is which one? Help my head is fried.

My local training centre in telford shrops only does the phd on 12 Sept but the price of the stuff is mega so thinking back obviously to profit is this the best and most profitable? What about sugaring heard it's good but is it as effective and what ever happened to the old pot and strip any advice would be great thanks geeks.
i trained with solana who have branches up and down the country and the training was 1 on 1. done a few courses with them and am going to do more. they are also a very good price. pm me if you want any more info
Have you thought about asking your local college or Ellisons, Sally's etc. I trained with my college with the old pot and spatula method but now I use Australian Body Care.

Salon Services had a good course and, when you've got the certificate, you can experiment with different brands to see which you prefer.
I use Prowax Honey wax - stip and spatula method - and it has good results on all but the most intimate areas !
I use sugar paste and yes, it is as effective as waxing. Sugar paste can either be used the traditional way (hand sugaring using a ball of sugar paste) or via the old and trusty pot and spatula method which I do use too.

I did my training with Sukar and their training centre is Leeds way. Telephone their distributor on 01625 444758 and speak to Paul and I am sure he will be able to give you training details.

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