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Jan 22, 2012
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I've recently done a waxing course and when reading back through course paperwork they have the amount of strips you should use for each area ie half leg 4 strips is that a realistic amount to stick by or just a guide ?
Use what you need to and dont worry so much about what the quantity and you will find as you become more experienced that you will use a lot less..

Also depends on the type of wax you use, how thickly you apply etc... I use two types of strip wax and find that the cream based ones uses more strips than the other one.

Also IMO I find the thinner the strip the better for picking up and I use less. I use the extra thin strips from Salons Direct , try both thickness and see which one you prefer.

Good luck and hope it all goes okay
I use to use loads of wax strips when I first started waxing but use less now, I guess I thought a new wax strip each time would work better 😳
No set rules I guess just as the other person said have a play with different ones ect and see which is best for you, it will all fall in to place then, Good luck and happy waxing :) x x
I use as many as it takes really. I have only just qualified though but I find a huge difference in how many I use now compared to at the start of the year. I've probably got it down to about 6 for half leg but I am sure it is meant to be 4.

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