Waxing - talcum powder, yes or no?


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Hello, I have been trained to not apply powder before waxing because the powder causes clogged pores and ingrowns. Is this true? I trust my trainer since she’s been waxing for 30 years but I got my wax by her and I always wondered if powder would reduce some of my ingrowns.


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I’ve been waxing for 30 years and I always use a thin dusting of talc before applying wax.
However, there are so many different brands and types of wax these days, the best advice is to follow the manufacturers instructions. Many of them offer training days so you can learn how to get the best out of their brand.

Personally I’ve never been convinced about any connection between using talc and ingrowing hairs. Why should there be- the talc comes off with the wax. Pores aren’t open until after the hair has been removed so therefore there should be no talc left on the skin once wax stripped off.

No doubt others will have other opinions but that’s my view and experience.


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I haven’t been waxing that long (3 years) but I always use talc


Talc does not cause clogged pores lol.... Clients wash it off anyways in the shower the day after. Dunno, where she's getting the, encourages ingrowing hairs from either to be honest. I only use talc when doing hot wax. We were always taught to do that becuase it dries the hair up quicker after using pre wax cleanser. But sometimes I think it actually leaves a slippery residue as well if you use too much. Talc is after all used for Swedish massage for slip. I suspect its more down to personal preference, and you'll find what's best for you. But I understand that when training you kind of listen to your tutor becuase you want to pass as quick and painlessly as possible lol.... I must say I do like using it for under arms and bikinis. It seems to grip the hair better and you don't have to go back in with another layer to tidy up.