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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi has anyone seen in the nail pro (oct edition) the wearable nail soakers - how cool.... i looked up their site www.fingersapinc.com i want a set.
whenever i soak my nails off i have to sit with a tray to watch tv or stuff...... cool for cuticle treatment too..
hyave emailed for supplier in uk or delivery and costs from us..
..just ordered a set £10.95 pl;us vat/delivery from www.nailsplusbeauty.com
What a clever gadget...............no good for picking your nose tho' :rofl:

(of course I'm only joking :? )

let us know what they're like


do me a favour, when you have used them tell me if they soak off the product quicker than usual. they are rather funky and pink, my fav color. l like the idea of them especially where the fingers give them a sort of airtight seal which will help with the fumes and any movement will help with the removal. thanks. so are they a good investment?
i haven't seen the wearable nail soakers as you put it, where can i get a look of these things from :?
Out of lurking I come, to tell you that these things ROCK! 15-20 mins and they're done! They even have a little scraper thingie on the inside so you can kinda twist it back and forth to scrape the debris off. (just plastic- won't give you an "owwie") I LOVE them. An excellent investment in time and mess control!

(If we're here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?) [/quote]
Jen, that looks like an interesting concept. Tell us what you think of it when you've soaked your nails off, OK?
anyone who wants to know what they look like then go to www.nailsplusbeauty.com on the left of the page go to accessories then the finger spa's are about a 3rd of the way down. Groovy little things. thanks all - you have bought me. l'm pleased the concept works so im off to order.
they do look funky don't they. i could use them for soaking gel off nails couldn't i?
love dye
Why oh why didn't I follow my instincts?????

10 years ago I designed some portable soak off thingies but never followed through on it. Instead I used a cotton wool pad saturated in some remover and wrapped the finger up in tin foil. It works great but I should have gone for it and followed through on my idea way back then.!!

These do look very cute.
these are just soo cool
some one told me about them and sed that they were my thing!
they are soo cool
and i am going to get some
janis xx
they arrived this morning when i was out and they do look funky gonna try them tonight..
very speedy delivery thanks nails plus beauty
They look good, might have to invest in some. :)
...............i wanted to soak one nail off tonight so followed simple instructions and put one on whilst loading my dishwasher wow
they are great and for 10.95 plus vat what a bargin my customers will love them

geeg - owch! bet youre kicking yourself!!!!
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