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Aug 2, 2004
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Folkestone, Kent
Does anyone do alot of wedding exhibitions?

I've always have a few where I am and I've done a couple of small ones and got a few bookings from them.

One now has come up in my local town but its on a much larger scale and I know that another nail tech is also going to attend. There are due to be 60 exibitors and it cost from 100 - 200 pounds to exibit. This is alot of money to fork out if I only get a few bookings. The other small ones I did cost me 40 pounds and I got one regular client and two weedings. Most of the brides that did turn up were for weddings a year in advance so didn't they book the smaller things like nails and makeup etc.

Most people have advised me not to do it, what do you think? :rolleyes:
Hi Ya,

I would stick to the small ones it is a lot of money to pay and buy the time thier wedding comes around you wont be fresh in thier minds. What would be a goods idea is to find out if the exhibitor has a guide that is given to brides when they attend this would be more effective cost wise. Perhaps you could offer a a free prize draw to the exhibitor, this would be a good way of collecting names and addresses of brides. Some exhibitors also offer a mailing list, you could look at who getting married sooner and contact them first. Just a few ideas for you. Another more cost saving way is to find out if thier any ladies evenings in your area or set one up yourself. PM me if you want some more details I will be happy to help you. :lol:

These are great ideas and things I never thought of. I'll think I'll contact the organiser and see if I can get a mailing list of the brides afterwards and send them my price list.

I'm still a bit new at this and not sure what to do about my advertising. I've done a few leflet drops and display my cards in the wedding shops, newsagents etc. I haven't as yet put an advert in the paper as most people say its not worth it? Any ideas on getting new clients?
Hi Me again-

I took the plunge and put a big advert in the yellow pages. I have had great results it cost me roughly £250 but you can have a smaller one. If you phone them some one will come around and see you to discuss it. You can pay by monthly instalments to. I have a picture in the back ground of a hand that i put nails on. For the amount you would pay for one wedding fair you can advertise for a year in the yellow pages ( and more if people dont throw out thier old one!!)
I've done a couple of wedding shows and I have found them a great way to generate business! The exhibition costs me about £180 and from each one I normally get a good response. It helps if you can do other beauty treatments, all of my brides have ended up having their mums and bridesmaids nails done as well as make-up, lash perming and all sorts! It seems with weddings people really do not spare any expense! I always run a prize draw as mentioned above, as you can get their name and the date of the wedding which means you can mail shot them nearer their wedding day, although I am finding brides are booking further and further in advance just lately! Already I have one booking for the start of 2006!!!!
My opinion is that you should give it a go, you maybe surprised. If you don't try it you'll never know. You have to spend money to make money, if it doesnt work then you'll know not to try it again in a hurry!
Make your stand, stand out from the rest on the day and hand out business cards or leaflets and make the effort to go and talk to people and be friendly. All of my bridal bookings that I got from this year, I distinctly remember talking to them at the shows. I had a make-up/beauty stand next to me and the ladies just sat behind the table with their arms folded, I didnt see many people approach that stand!
Well that's my pennies worth on the subject, hope it helps you come to a decision!

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