Wedding makeup prices please?


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Apr 29, 2011
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Hi I have a family Freind asking for wedding package prices?
Anyone give me any help on what I should offer and how much to charge?.This is what they would like-
Bride makeup on wedding day,
Bridesmaid makeup on day.
Mother of bride makeup on day.

Bride makeup trial.
Mother of bride makeup trial.
Do I charge separate for a trial?

The bride Also wants spray tan & lashes?. I was thinking It will probs be a good idear for a spray tan & lashes to may be done as a trial aswell?? Not sure??
Any advice would be great thanks alot xxx
Do you normally offer make up? If so charge whatever you normally charge with a bit of a discount if you want to give one. If not it's hard to say, because it seems to vary by area.

I'd do some research into what local MUAs / salons charge and go with the average.

Definitely do a trial and yes, charge for it.

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its hard to work out the costs of make up used so look at how much time it will take and charge accordingly, bear in mind if she just wants a simple bridal look or something more fancy,

when you have done that add together all that she would be having done and discount it slightly if you want, personally i dont as Brides tend to change their mind alot and you end up spending quite a bit of time with them!
Thanks for your help xxx

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