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May 4, 2010
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west midlands
How can I make sure I have foundation that doesn't change to very pale with photo's ?- for example - wedding makeup ? I hope this makes sence x
Hi there,

you should look into supercover foundation, they have 40 shades and i have been using it a few years now and all my clients have loved it.
Check out the ingredients list of anthing you use and avoid anything with a high content of the ingredients Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, as these are the highly reflective pigments that give a ghost like appearance on with flash photography.
Thank you for the good advice i will look into the foundation and the Ingredients.

Thankyou x
Hi there i recently did a professioal make up artist course and the lady training us is one of the top make up artists in ireland and has a huge following for bridal makeup - she recommended mac face and body foundation.I acually used her for my wedding make up last year(before i had done the course wit her) and i have to say it lasted very well and was fab in the photos...also I think the new Makeup Forever HD is fab in photos...
Hi I often find that some mineral make up looks much paler in photos too, best to take a piccie at trial just to check, I love Estee lauder foundations and chanel vitalumiere :)are really nice too,
great advice sophie, we always take a pic with flash during the trial to test and again ont he wedding day as we are doing the make up . we use mac and art deco and find that sometimes we have to 'warm' some peoples skin a little so that this doesnt happen.

I find a tiny tiny tiny bit of bronzer on a massive brush is often enough to warm a clients skin.

Thanx for all the advice. i no these products are a cheaper range than mac however i'm just starting. What do you think of loreal pais true match foundation or NO 7 foundation ???
Thanx for all the advice. i no these products are a cheaper range than mac however i'm just starting. What do you think of loreal pais true match foundation or NO 7 foundation ???

Well, to be blunt, I think they are High St products and therefore I wouldn't pay a professional to apply them. Sorry, I know thats not what you want to hear, but if you are just starting out, then it's important you get it right now, as this is the time your reputation will start to build.

Check out some of the professional ranges. You needn't spend much more than you would over the fact some, at trade price, are more cost effective.

Have a little look at Art Deco the quality is exceptional for its price range. (And whilst i know MAC is great....I still think its over-priced because of its reputation.)

I do love my mineral make-up for brides and never have ghosting issues with it (As long as I use a finishing powder which is free of the white ingredients I mentioned above) and it lasts forever! Art Deco do mineral too, but mostly my mineral make-up of choice is Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup | Mineral Cosmetics • Buy Online Now At Lily Lolo. There is a minimum opening order for wholesale proices but even retail is very affordable with foundations only £12....and the pigments in the eyeshadows is fantastic!

Check out their tutorials on youtube you some great application hints and tips!
personally i dont use lower end foundations, reason being is that the client is paying me for a pro service, otherwise maybe they might think " oh, i could do what she is doing" and it devalues my service. I also find that they simply dont give the coverage i can get from the likes of mac and art deco. Its not that i think the ones you are suggesting are rubbish, its just spend a little more wiser and spend once is my motto!
yes thats what i was thinking to be honest. i've just looked at mac face and body foundation which looks a large bottle and not a bad price. Alot of people have recommend this foundation. ??
hey there i am new to this site so i apologise if i post the reply wrong! just had a quick read though replies so im not sure if im repeting what others have said. In my experience with make up in photo shoots you need to avoid illuminating products (base aswell) and make up that as shimmer as it just reflects the light. i love mac cosmetics i use them a lot i have found though a lot of people have had reactions to it and break out in spots which is not good for the big day, always do a trail a few weeks before incase they do react. iv always used loreal true match foundation or the make up forever is good too! hope this as helped and good luck another tip do plenty on contouring it makes all the difference in photo! x
i have the trial on friday :D, so do you think the loreal is good ?? - what foundation do you use on brides ?? xx
i have the trial on friday :D, so do you think the loreal is good ?? - what foundation do you use on brides ?? xx

We often use liquid mineral foundations for TV and photography. Coverage is amazing, stays on all day and matifies the skin brilliantly preventing the ugly "shiny" areas.

If you can get away with a cheap Boots product that gives you the correct results and stays on all day then you are onto a winner.

(ps just don't let the bride know...)

If you are after repeat business and good word of mouth you need to ensure that the bride feels fantastic in the makeup. The wearibility of the makeup and the response from the wedding goers is actually more important on the day. Part of her feeling good is what she feels about the brand you use and how you sell it.

Thanks for all replies. i've sorted out my foundation with a very good product. I looked into the product and asked lots of questions when i bought it and now looking forward to friday

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