Weird lady and potential thief


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Nov 15, 2011
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Somewhere in Canada
Hi everyone,

I have a semi major issue, i have a weird lady (can't really call her a client since she's cancelled every appointment shes made) that constantly wants to book treatments with me. she had booked 3 times and cancelled each one the morning of with sometimes less then 2hrs to the time. i had no choice to book her for a 4th time as she barged into my room when i was trying to book with another client for the same day she wanted but knowing she would cancel i booked paying clients in her spot anyway. so of course she cancelled that appointment but rang me at 1am!! to tell me, slurring her words on the message. i at this point had enough and told her my cancellation policy is sticking this time and after setting down rules of prepayment with would be non refundable ( i thought this would deter her from wanting to book as i don't want to mean) she STILL wants to book and is willing to prepay her treatments! :(

I don't know what to do as she is known in the gym i rent at as a thief and a bit of a drinker (she steals their towels every time she comes in and has also come in drunk numerous times, once with a bottle in her hand!). i'm worried about when my back is turned is she gonna thieve something as i would never leave her alone in my room. i am also worried about the risk of her trying to claim i hurt her or something as shes tried this on our lovely massotherapist just last week. how can i tell her i don't want her as a client without sounding rude? i don't know what to say as i don't want to bring up "ya you thieve and tried to cause trouble with a fellow therapist."
Could you tell her you have enough clients atm. But will contact her when there is a free spot available? Then never contact her?

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She sounds like a bully, try not to let her intimidate you!

Agree with above, simply never having an appointment could work. Normally I would suggest the honest, direct upfront route, but there are some unstable people around, and she sounds like one.

Only you can judge if she is the type to accept and respect your decision.

Goodluck! Stay safe.
For me , calling at 1am would be enough for her to be banned.
The woman obviously has issues, and more problems than missing her beauty treatments.

Don't take any more appointments from her, and don't get caught up in gossiping about her behind her back, as this is unprofessional.

She has missed/cancelled too many appointments to even contemplate having her prepay or book again. Politely tell her so next time she calls.
Yes just tell her your fully booked!! No room :) x
Just be honest, tell her that the reputation she has proceeds her and you are not prepared to treat her.

When I was in retail a man had sworn at a staff member without me knowing. The next time he came trough the door I told him that he wasn't welcome because he had sworn and all orders he had with te shop were canceled. I'd pre filled in a banning notice that was behind the tillso it was easy enough to just hand it him and let him know he was banned from our other branches. No explanation why.

So remember, you can ban anyone from your premises without reason given.
You could do this next time she storms in, or when she phones just say "I'm sorry, but due to previous cancellations, some at unreasonable times of the night, I'm not prepared to do x service, this is also backed by the conditions you have come to the gym in as well as other reasons (don't say she has stolen as this could e slander), there is salon x, x ad x within x miles of here that you could try"

Your helping her find somewhere else while looking after ur own business xoxo
If you're in a gym and paying rent then I would personally take the issue to the gym Manager and see if you can come up with a plan of action, ie: full ban from the premises, at least with everyone on board you won't have to deal with her on your own!
I'm amazed she hasn't been banned from the gym. Why have they let her carry on stealing and turning up inebriated?
Yeah I would always be fully booked when she called.

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I'm amazed she hasn't been banned from the gym. Why have they let her carry on stealing and turning up inebriated?

They can't prove that she's stealing towels, funny thing is the gym owner is actually a police officer :p unless they get proof of her stealing then theirs nothing they can do
I've told her after her track record that I've thought about it and even prepaying won't do any good. She keeps saying to give her a second chance that she will be a client for life, I'll get hundreds of dollars from her etc. she's emailed three times and called twice since. She's clearly not getting it :(
I would say- avoid. The whole pressure she outs on you is worrying. She sounds obsessive.

Avoid and stick to your guns x
I'm pretty sure on gym membership contracts, it says something along the lines of if you turn up to use the gym equipment inebriated, we have every right to remove you from our membership base as this is dangerous to yourself and other gym users.

I would definately talk to the gym manager about that! It means you have a valid reason to not even let her into the building!

And deffo stand your ground with her! You don't want her as a client so shes not getting treatments

Good luck!
Stand your ground hun - stick with the fact that she has had too many cancellations and that calling you at 1am was unfortunately just too much. Just be calm about it and speak to the gym manager about what plan you can come up with about keeping her from making scenes.

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