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Sarah Lou

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May 3, 2004
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Hi geeks,

Im having problems. 'Again'....... I did a full acrylic set on a nail biter the other week, all nails lasted 10 days then pinged off.

I did a full set of acrylic on another friend and one of her nails totally came off aswell.

I thoroughally prepped the nails on both friends, primed there was no oil or dust on the nail plate, it was squeeky clean. Cant understand what Im doing wrong, I presume its me as its happened to both friends

Can anyone offer their words of wisdom to me

i always insist that my nail biters come for infills after 7 days and extend this to 10 days then maybe 2 weeks as and when they have a bit more nail bed! I also insist they have them painted...it hides any little defects which they would otherwise pick or nibble. Try this, it works for me!
Thanks i will definately try this on the nail biters. Allthough the other lady I did was not a nail biter , one nail pinged off, she was out and stuck it down with glue aahhhh. Cant understand what I did wrong
You may want to try to prep only one hand at a time as some people have oily nail plates and by the time you've done one hand the other one can be oily again. As was said previously nail biters should be seen after 7 days as they do tend to bite and pick and at them in their mouths, sometimes without knowing.

just make sure you really prep well to begin with. Hope you sort it out.
I agree with above post but i would also be tempted to ask them to keep their "pingers" so you can have a look,if the pinger has come off clean ie.underneath smooth and nail smooth then yes its the prep,but after 10 days i would have thought different so if pinger has product on the underneath and the nail plate is not smooth it has definately been,picked,chewed,bitten,banged or hacked off!!!! and was not your prep :)
don't presume it was your prep till you've seen them,
take care,,,debs

Thanks Wendy, I will definately try preping one hand at a time and debs what you said about keeping the tips is very interesting, I will ask to see the pingers and inspect lol. Thanks for your advice xxxxxxxxxxxx
Does your nail biter have bulbous fingers at the end of her nails?
I was wondering if you saddled the tips?
If the nails are bulbous and you haven`t saddled the tips then the pressure would make them ping off.
Just a thought
Hi Debs,

What is saddling the tips? Never heard of that.

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