What are your top 3 Retailing Secrets?


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Jan 9, 2003
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Just curious... Am doing some work on a secret project and was curious how many of you retail, what % of your income is generated by retailing, and what 3 tips do you use to successfully retail?

oooo... do share ;)
I sell alot of solar oil, it just walks out the door as soon as i put it on the shelf , i can never get enough of it, by the end of every week i am always sold out lol

How i sell it is while im with my client i talk about the benefits of solar oil and also point out their dry cuticles, as most new clients always seem to have them, they are always "oh where do i get that?" of course i point to my shelf and they are like yes i better get a bottle of that :)

Creative nail polishes sell well too, especially spike at the moment, i think because of its rich colour for christmas .

I wouldnt say retail is really a good % of my income as i really dont have alot of it as yet, but as soon as i do get something it always sells within the first few days of having it.

In the new year im going to do alot more retail as at first i wasnt sure if i could sell, but seems like im not a bad little sales person lol

Kerrie :)
Well I am not sure about a %....................
I only have a small retail area...........
But sell products to nearly every client...........

Well 3 Points.............
Get to know your products........what they do, how the clients can benefit from them, use them in your service....keep them in eye view, a nice display...............Then the rest comes easy................

just a thought
My retail sales are about 10% of my income. I dont sell a huge amount - varnishes really only sell in the Summer for people to take on hols.

Hopefully when my "salon" is ready and I can display things better, I may sell more. Like everyone else Oil flies out of the door. I sell more base and topcoats rather than colours.
I sell loads of cuticle oil, fun files and mood changing polish. My three tips would be:

1. Display products where your clients can see them during their treatments.
2. Know your products so that you can talk about the benefits, use them as part of the treatment so that your clients can see the benefits.
3. Use the products yourself. I sell loads more polish if I am wearing it myself.
Sawasdee ka

If lady can speak here very good for me becuase jut speak me she work another shop and them retail and why i do not because good for the salon .

I not retail because i not do before and i not know how put percent on product .

Now i try sell some nail product because another salons ask me when i bring my product from america can i have some for them same same .

Kop khun ka mui ka
My retail tends to quite low..........however, I like so many others ;) sell solar oil by the gallon. Every new client takes away a complimentary solar oil pinky, and Bob's your uncle (well he is mine!) probably 99.9% are hooked.

Solar Manicure and Solar Butter (the minis) also sell well. I'm so happy at the moment, because you've got the Solar Butter minis available - thankyou 8)

just to jump on this one i was thinking the other day how the hell do you work out what you should retail bits at ? i have a load of mini solar oils and girlfreind buffers and kanga files but im blowed if i know what to price them at any clues? would be much appreciated as i need all the pennies i can get for crimbo ;)
Hi Nickki

I'm sure someone in authority will jump on this one, but page 15 in the Creative catalogue has a retail price list. I give out the pinky solar oils to clients having their first set of Creative nails but if anyone wants to buy one I charge 2.95 and the Girlfriends are 5.95. Hope it's allright to give out prices on here. :? Well we'll soon find out! 8)
I only sell solar oil to my clients to keep their nails in good condition, having read this topic I may add few more items.
I sell cuticle oil like it's going out of fashion (as does everyone else here :eek: )

I sell an ok amount of top coats and base coats and a few nail varnishes a month!

Definitely thinking about funky files...! :twisted:
I use most of my retail items while working, and clients will always ask about something they see/like or which is new and it gives you the chance to talk about it without seeming to pushy, plus it shows you know what your talking about, I keep some of my retail on shelfs around me so clients can have a good look while having there nails, but i also put some near reception for clients who don't usually have there nails done because if there anything like me i like to have a good ole nosy before i buy and love finding something new! especially if i've a few minutes to spare before an appointment. Plus Clients love it if they know you use the products too they know they must be good if we're prepared to use it too! :) :) :)

My top retail items are;

1. Solar oil, always a must
2. Super shiny, my clients absoutley love this!
3. Beau Chic glass nail files, i've only just started retailng these but they are stunning and have been selling really well!! especially the handpainted purse size!
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