what beauty shows are coming up?


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Lil Linz

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Aug 18, 2006
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North Notts
Ok, not sure what forum this should be in so ive put it here.

I no theres gmex this weekend but i cant make it 2 that cos of unforseen circumstances.
what other shows are coming up? im assuming it will be next year now, not expecting there to be owt more this year!
I would like to know this aswell,my hubby was going to buy me a couch/chair but only found out that the show was today so i left it too late aswell.So good bye to my chair.Any info would be great,thaks lil linz for posting this x
ExCel is on 2nd - 4th march.
Thanx jac's x
cool thats just before my bday, ill jus have 2 pursuade the bf 2 take me 2 london 4 the weekend :)
cool thats just before my bday
snap... same day :D (except I'm old enough to be your mum :rolleyes: :lol: lol)

Fingers crossed I can make it to ExCel again next year, it's a great weekend and even better if you're staying in a hotel with geeky mates :lol:

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