what brand do I change to?


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Jan 11, 2003
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At the moment I use acrylic "the edge" by alida, this is what i trained with at college! I am looking to change brands but dont know where to start! Each website i look on claims their brand is the best. Here is what i am looking for........

* A similar setting time to what i am using

* Non-crytalising, yellowing OR LIFTING! :D

* relatively easy to apply (coz i am quite new!!)

* Cost effective (only got a few clients here 'n' there)

I have tried another brand BUT its an expensive trial if you cannot work with the product!
nailmania said:
* A similar setting time to what i am using

* Non-crytalising, yellowing OR LIFTING! :D

* relatively easy to apply (coz i am quite new!!)

* Cost effective (only got a few clients here 'n' there)

You'll only get one answer from me (and thousands of other nail technicians accross the UK) CREATIVE NAIL DESIGN

* Not sure of your set time but Retention+ gives you time to work perfectly.

* Retention+ does not crystalise, does not yellow, and is Keratin bonding so does not lift if used as the manufacturer instructs.

* Incredibly easy to work with!

* Cost should work out at about 13-15% of your service charge.

Added benefits are Great Customer Service and personal attention plus continuous on-going education if you want it.

For further info call 0113 275 5719! ;)
Why are you looking to change brands - what dont you like about Alida?

Is it not better to build up your clientele (Unless you are unhappy with your brand).

You can get try me kits from some suppliers. Try and get to some of the shows and have some sample nails done on you to try and find a brand you think you could work with.
Have you thought to try the sample sized kits that are around - I know that NSI offer them ... think they worked out at about £6 - £7 each - thats for the liquid and the two powders.

I got into using NSI Choice - standard set - by doing the same thing - bought a few different products in sample size and gave them a trial run at home on the nail trainer.

Hope this helps

Hi there, I use Creative Retention Plus and love, but another brand that is pretty good is Young Nails.
*A similar setting time to what i am using

* Non-crytalising, yellowing OR LIFTING!

* relatively easy to apply (coz i am quite new!!)

* Cost effective (only got a few clients here 'n' there)

I have done nails for 10 years and used just about every acrylic out there.............lol!

I can't say what would be similar setting to what you use....

OPI 3000 & Ez Flow crystalized too easy on me//////

Creative perfect color powders are 100% color stable.....no yellowing

Lifting really depends on your prep.......98% of the time... some people will lift no matter what....oh well

Radical and Young Nails have been the easiest for me to apply......the mix ratio is pretty easy to get down pat.........

Some people think that Tammy Taylor is the best darned stuff since sliced bread, especially for those newbies who tend to work too wet.. She has a very wet mix ratio.........

Young Nails has been superior in quality and less expensive than most other acrylic lines.....

Young Nails offers free samples of their product too.....I don't know about the rest....

Leigh Ann
thankyou for all your replies.....i shall be giving the trial size stuff a whirl!!!
:sunny: I use and will probably use CND Radical liquid and solarnail powders. I love the workability. I have recently ordered a sample kit from Young Nails. I have heard nothing but awesome things about their acrylic systems. I know if you email them they will send you a free sample. www.youngnails.com
This thread is of interest to me as a returning nail tech. I've been away from the industry for 12 years and last used CND. No complaints, just felt I should be open-minded. So far, I've only skonfused [:)] myself nearly to death.

Basically I am researching:

Tammy Taylor
Nailite's product
Nouveau (Premier Nail Source)

Now, I read about this "Young" nails here, so add that. Ey yi yi. I had hoped to make a decision as I start in the salon 4/1. Oh, and before it's mentioned again, I do NOT have the funds to buy/try a buncha different kits.

I have a feeling TT will win out on reputation alone. Second to that would probably be the Nouveau due to it's reasonable pricing.

When you are looking for a new product i find the best way is to go to a show with bare nails and try out the companys you are interested in. That is what i always do and you have the product on so you can see in a few hours sometimes, which is best, you can also assess the companys reps to see what quality training and support you will get Cheap is not always best, sometimes its a false ecconomy...
I used to use The Edge, but now I use Bio Sculpture - I have recently done my training and although the product is expensive - I think it is great, easy to apply and NO lifting
I have to say that over the years I too have tried many systems....and wasted lots of money in the process.
Today I use Young Nails. ...V. reasonably priced it is too, so plenty of profit to be made. Too many suppliers have bumped the prices up these last couple of years, just because of "the name"
I purchased a sample kit for about £8.00 and tested and tried it out for ages before I made my decision to stick with them
Its lovely and creamy, easy to use with fantastic colour. No yellowing or lifting either.
Have got to say that I got lots of support from them and the customer service has been pretty good too.
Good luck in your search
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