What do you keep your tools and brushes in?


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Aug 14, 2010
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Kettering, Northamptonshire
Hi all, I am in the process of getting lots of practise in to eventually go mobile. However I'm needing to sort myself out with what things are going where etc (I have a medium sized beauty case and a holdall). However, I just wondered what you use to carry your manicure tools / brushes in? At the moment mine are just loose in the beauty case, but should they really be in some kind of bag or box after being disinfected?
I use my bucket bags for everything for my nails. These are the absolute best and I've tried every carrying case known to man from fishing tackle boxes to glorified stackable cases on wheels (the worst things to work with ever).. Bucket bags beat them all. You can see everything at a glance and they are light weight to carry (adjustable shoulder straps) and sturdy and stable too both in and out of the car on their flat bases.


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ive just got a stainless steel beauty box that ive had for years i really should get a new one but (cant part with this one for some reason) for my brushes, mani tools and acrylic kit with basic french mani polishes, base coat, topcoat etc , then i add anything i need to it for other treatments ie pedi or gel. then i have a vanity bag for gels other polishes etc - kinda complicated but it works for me - prob not been much help have i?

geeg - those bucket bags look lush - might have to reconsider my reorganising my equipment now lol !
where do you get them from just out of interest?

V x
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I have a leather tool roll for my nail tools..it's like a large wallet with handy slots to keep your things together, it folds together and zip fastens. I will try and find a link for it. As for my brush, I have the aluminium case from CND but the good old coffin box is just as good

HTH's :hug:

here's a link to something similar from s2

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I've got a 4 in 1 beauty trolley. However, its a right pain to try and and lift and the wheels really don't wanna be dragged up steps.

I was looking at those bucket bags tbh, but will have to use the trolley until it drops to bits lol
The Bucket Bags are not exensive (yet I have never had one tear or deteriorate in any way) and are made for professionals.

Of course you can get them from Sweet Squared 08452106060

or www.sweetsquared.com when you next order. :hug:


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For your brushes, pushers, nippers and such; why not consider a roll-up intended for paint brushes? Can be found at any art supply/painting store.
Or the one intended for makeup brushes?

brush roll - Google Search

Wow these all look great! The bucket bag and roll-up are definitely things I'm about to look into getting - thanks all!! :)
Regret buying my metal case as you only have to touch someone's wall with it & there goes their paintwork/wallpaper.
Bucket bag sounds a much better idea.x
I'm wondering how many bucket bags I'd need to cover the contents of a very full 4 in 1 beauty trolley ;)
This is how I do it (but I am only nails).

I have 5 bucket bags.
1 for all my pedicure things
1 for all my manicure things
1 for all my L&P things and
1 for all my gel things and finally
1 for all of my prep products files, tools and disinfectant spray etc. I just grab the ones I need when I need them. I love them.

Packing away is very very quick and I can instantly see where everything is. If I were mobile (which I never could do in a million years) I'd have one for my polishes too. Favourite colours all around the outside and less frequently used colours inside and I'd let the client delve inside to choose the colour she wants.

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