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Feb 10, 2009
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I have no end of emails and letters from people who have just completed level 2 and looking for part time work.

I work from home on my own. I only started out last september and don't have a enough work for 2 but I feel sorry because I know how hard it is and alot of people won't give people the chance newly qualified and I do no from working in a salon and having people newly qualified that they need a lot of one to one training.

I was thinking that maybe taking someone on maybe saturday and offering half price treatments with them.

What do you all think???
I think that would be fantastic :)

I'm qualified level 2 (have been for 2 years) and its mega hard to find work. You would be giving someone a great headstart in the industry and I'm sure they would be really grateful for that.

Also, if you wanted a hand with clearing up and little jobs, you could maybe offer someone work experience. Even if its only a couple of hours a week, they will probably do it for free if they can't find a salon job and it could be just enough to count as salon experience which could help them find a job :)
I think it is a great idea, I am finding it very hard trying to find work experence, let alone a part time job! I never thought about contacting anyone who runs a business from home, might have to give that a go!:)

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