what else can i do.


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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
hi everyone,
Right where do i start. well to cut a long story short i,ve been doing nails since march. (creative) and originally started to earn a little extra money and to fill up my time. as i already have another job part time insurance clerk. well thats all changed i still work for insurance but do mobile nails and now rent a space in a very small hair salon just a the top of my road very near to my daughters school. (very handy) And my dilemma! The salon is rented and the lady who runs it is moving on to pastures new next year. And i'm gutted i could go with her has we have struck up a fantastic relationship but i love it where i am. i am not currently earning enough on my own to take over. I am pretty confident with my nails now and i'm getting mostly repeat customers but still i am only doing about 2/3 a day. tues wed fri. so i need to do other things waxing/tinting/tanning etc to make enough to pay rent. I'm not in this to earn millions i just truly love it. But has any1 any ideas where i can learn all these i understand i will have to pay but just need to get started asap. I have been sent a prospectus from essex school of beauty which looks good and fairly competitive but not sure if this is the right place for me to go any ideas please. i live in barnsley s yorkhire so if any 1 knows of anywhere nearer please. sorry i have waffled on a bit i'm pretty bad at cutting long story short. (more like cutting short stories long) thanks in advance xxx
hi ya...

u can do the tinting, eyelash perming, waxing, also facials, ear piercings and all kinds like that at your local sallys or adel...i know they offer courses like that at grimsby and doncaster...phone em up and ask em...i got the brochure from salon systems the tel no is 0208 845 4115...they will send u a list of all the places that offer the courses...

tanning u can do a days course with most of the people that offer the products, i trained with su do...with the su do system i paid £600+...but the system can be used with body art, nail art etc etc...ule just have a different airbrush to do the nail art which can be purchased seperately...i love the su do...and so do my clients...not many of them rate st tropez, but each to there own...a lady down the road has the new airport booth and ive not had 1 good comment said about it yet...

Don't you think that if you dedicated all of your work time to the salon nail business instead of having another job in a different field and going mobile as well, that you would very quickly fill up all your time in the salon ..... I'm sure you would!!

Most really good nail technicians never have the time to offer other services as they are too much in demand for their nails.
crikey what quick replies. god i love this site.

thanks sunsation will give them a call first thing tommorrow.

and yes geek i know what your saying and i agree but only thing i live on my own and i have to keep my insurance job just for the moment . else i wouldn't be able to pay my mortgage. My heart is 100 perc into nails but that alone doesn't pay bills etc. god that sounds like i feel sorry for myself, i'm not. just being realistic. I know it sounds like i'm trying to run before i can walk, but i think this shop is for me and i'm willing to work hard to get it. this lady is not leaving till late next year so i have time to do more creative classes and to do a few more things to make money.

thaks again x
..Hi from one Chanel's mum to another!....
i recently paid 195.00 for an essex school of beauty course for manicure and pedicure and whilst i dont want to 'diss' them the quality was not good.
i got one because i worry that i wasnt trained in massage or nail disorders..i have brill books on beauy therapy/anatomy & physiology and doug schoon and nail encylopedia but decided to do another course.
i am in the process of returning unused - as the content is very poor no diagrams on the masssage section and the diseases/disorder section is BADLY photocopied from a text book (when i rang to query this - i was told to get a proper text book!) the text are illegable as they are running of the page very poor.....
just a warning.
dear chanel's mum he! he!

thanks for that i really appreciate you help there i don't mind paying for things but has u no money doesn't grow on trees an is very upsetting when something is of poor quality i had never heard of essex school of beauty got ther number out of nails magazine. it is quite away from me and i would have had to stay in hotel. but i'm going to give the number sunsation nails gave me a ring asap was supposed to do it today but not had time.
thanks again x
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