What is a rebalance??


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Jul 8, 2010
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hi am doing the cnd foundation course in aug.
and on day 3 i have to bring a model with natural nails, not a prob ill drag mum or sis in. but on day 4 its says bring a model needing a rebalance???

as a complete novice, this means nothing!:cry:
came someone enlighten me??:)
You need to take a model who already has extensions on and has done so for a few weeks and is in need of having them rebalanced-infilling the growth at the cuticle and filing the white at the tip and moving back down the nail to get the right balance between white tip and nail bed.
Thank you.
I have a friend who has acrylic over her natural nail to keep them strong! but doesnt have tips or extensions added could i use her??? or would they have to have the extensions???:confused:
You will be informed when you start the course, but if I remember rightly the model needs to have white tips on so you can learn how to properly rebalance a nail.

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