What is Shellac?


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Oct 15, 2010
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im new to all this, only been training for 5 weeks ( 1 night a week at college)
i have seen lots of posts about shellac, but dont know what it is...

was wondering if someone could fill me in a bit on this product, and any others i might need to know about when reading on this forum
If you use the search button at the top of the page you will see loads and loads of posts about shellac.
In a nutshell it's a hybrid of a gel and a nail enamel. Goes on like a nail enamel, zero dry time, cured under a UV lamp and gives at least 14 days of perfect nail colour.
thanks for that,
will take a look.
is this a product that we have to get training on before we can use on clients?
You need to be a qualified therapist to open an account with Sweet Squared - the distributors - There is a Shellac social group - look under groups above - and all your questions and many, many more are answered there.
okies, thank you
thank you geeg

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