What is the best lash glue for lash extensions?


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For someone who’s just starting out doing lashes and only the classic sets. I’m currently having trouble with the lashes staying on and I brush them after doing like 10-15 lashes and like 5 or more usually come off.

Ive asked lash artists else where but I got a bunch of mixed reviews so I don’t know which would be best to go with?


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I am personally I big fan of flirties. I order it even though I'm in Canada!


I second Flirties. Love the glue, the products and service


It may not be the glue that’s the problem. Check what the manufacturer recommends the temperature and humidity to be. My glue works best at 19-24 degrees and 40-60% humidity. Get yourself a hygrometer which gives you these reading for your lash room.

Also, make sure your attachment to the natural lash is good so that there is a good bond, don’t let go of the extension too soon if you’re using a slower drying glue.

What is your prep method? I use a lash shampoo then rinse with saline then I go over the lashes with a primer making sure the natural lashes are squeaky clean before I apply extensions.

Hope this helps x