What is the going rate for a cleaner?


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Apr 16, 2007
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Earley, Berkshire
I realise rates probably vary quite a bit across the country but I was wondering how much I should expect to pay a cleaner. I would be paying her directly, not through an agency.

I'm thinking about £8 per hour? for 2 /3 hrs per week.

Thanks everyone:hug:

Edit: Just wanted to clarify, it's for my home (not business)
I,ve done private cleaning before and i too live in the Berkshire area ,i was charging £10 an hour,i also have a friend who charges £10 an hour as well,i dont think i would work for £8 an hour as i was getting paid £7 through a company,but thats my thought anyway,hope this helps.Ooh and make sure their insured in case of any accidents.
Thanks v much Debbie, that's really helpful, I don't want to be mean otherwise they won't stay!
My friend does cleaning and she charges £10 an hour too.
I have several clients who have cleaners, I know they pay them £6.50 - £7.50 per hour (not through an agency).

Perhaps it depends on area . . .

I have a cleaner once a week and we pay her £10 an hour too, I think this is about going rate!

I pay £10 an hour as well, they're not an agency and they bring everything they need with them.

Vanessa x
Looks like its going to be £10 per hour then:)
Thanks for everyones replies x

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