What nail training to do next?


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Jul 25, 2010
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ive been doing l&p nails using cnd for about 6 years now, i have only been on a basic nail course, i just want to enhance my career prospects an realise more training is the only way to do it! just dont know which is the right direction to take 'as in' company product course etc???:confused: theres so many to choose from any reconmendations would be great thanx xx

I would recommend doing your masters qualification with CND. The courses are brilliant and you definitely learn loads of new techniques and improve on what you already know.
I have just qualified as a grand master and i loved ever minute of it! Even tempted to do it again! lol

Hope this helps :)
ye ive concidered that but dont you have to be invited to be a master??? or have i mis red that ? ive looked at so many courses recently :lol:
I dont think you have to be invited, i wasn't anyway.
If you contact sweet squared, they should be able to give you some more info. I think there is a bit about the master classes on their website.
I dont mind trying to answer any questions that i can help with, but defo contact S2! x
thanx for your help xxx:)

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