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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
I have just done my acrylic conversion and am getting differing views on what clients want. Is it worth me perfecting my pink & whites or do people just want the white tips for french now.

Surely the white tips have to be soaked off pretty quick as opposed to backfilling? This cannot be good for longterm nail health?

What do you do / do your clients want?


Not only is it worth it, you must perfect your pink and white application.

French tips might work for the initial application, but you have to get down to doing great smile lines with the white powder to keep that Forever French thing going.

Who needs white tips when you can create them yourself? It is no quicker applying them at all. You save nothing and you dilute your skill level by not being able to create a white tip yourself.

In any case, in my opinion, you can not class yourself as fully trained or skilled if you do not offer this service.
I am in full agreement with Geeg here! It is our JOB to be able to do any and every nail shape and type using all different methods; as professionals we should be able to evaluate and decide the best prescription for every client that walks through our door! Lets put it this way, if you can't and won't keep up to date and learn your profession fully, the person down the road will and guess where your clients will end up going!! BTW Ella I am not talking about you personally here, just teks in general - lets learn our profession properly - surely beautiful, natural looking white and pink nails are part and parcel :idea: :rolleyes: ;)
I am in agreement with Geeg and Mrs. Geek here. I was not taught sculpting in school; in fact I was told "nobody does that anymore; they just do tips". I found out that yes, most people expect tips when they get their nails done because they have never seen scultping before, and the NSS salons around here only do tips.

My entire philosphy has always been to provide something memorable and different to a customer, something they can't readily obtain any place else. So why would I just provide tips and overlay; customers can get them elsewhere, and probably pay less for them too. I decided quite early on that I had to learn to master sculpting P&W's. I am in the process of doing that right now. I am not perfect but I have only just begun and I know I'll never stop seeking information, or education about this craft.

I am happy to say that I did my first set of them last week on another person besides myself. My sister-in-law was absolutely amazed as she watched them appear, finger by finger, on her hands. I was thrilled that they turned out so well and it really gave me a lot of confidence in my skill level. She even said to me "anybody can do tips but I watched you work and I know it takes talent to sculpt nails".
I too want to go down the road for sculpting and have my master class tomorrow, can`t wait. I think its got to be the way to go, everyone else does tips, we ought to be providing a complete service and giving the client that something extra she can`t get from the salon next door.
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