What shall I train in next, what's going to be big this year?


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Jan 15, 2014
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hey everyone i wondered if you could all share your knowledge regarding what the next big thing is or what you think i should train in next, i currently run a beauty and holistic therapy room from my home, the room is pretty big and i do have a fairly large client list and its just me on my own, ill include a list of what i already do below, i like to do one holistic and one beauty course a year to keep my finger on the pulse however the only courses im interested in now are probably the bigger investments however if people think its worth it ill prob look into it

I currently do
basic waxing
swedish massage
deep tissue massage
hot stone massage
spray tans
bridal make-up

im booked in to do indian head in march, im considering HD brows and possibly lvl any other suggestions will be great thanks! cheers much love!
Intimate waxing is popular especially coming up to summer I'm also considering LVL and HD brows.
Does anyone know anything about eyebrow extensions? I've heard vague things around the subject x
I do everything there is to do with eyebrows, it's all I do in my salon and I'm very busy. I'd definitely look into brow treatments x
Do you girls think it's still worth training in HD brows and Lvl lashes or have I missed the boat?
Aromatherapy and lava shell massage - popular with my clients - would complement your existing list of services

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