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Jan 22, 2012
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Hi everyone I'm new to the nail industry and am still building up my speed on treatments. A friend of mine was saying how she wants a manicure for next weekend as she is going to wedding and I said I could do it. What should I charge ? I was told never to do treatments for free even when just starting out but don't know what to ask, I will also have to get in a new polish colour that she wants so I have to pay out in the first place
I've not checked out many places but prices from a couple of local at home beauty salons I know charge between £15 and £18 rounds here.
I am still in training and although I've passed my mani & pedi parts until I'm fully qualified I only charge for equipment and product cost, I do tell anyone I do that and that these are my training prices and so far all are ok even tho my full prices are (loosely) on my site for them to see. I don't think we can talk money here so will pm you my cost to get an idea and hopefully others will too.

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