What to do about clients who lose their nails after 2 or 3 days


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Oct 28, 2013
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Hey everyone ! Im new to the Forum ! I am excited to start my career in the industry. I do nails right now and look to further my education. My question for fellow nail techs is do any of you have trouble getting product to stay on certain clients nails? My sister when I do her nails (I use CND) no matter if I form them or tip them her dang nails "pop off" on 2 or 3 nails ...this is what she tells me ...I can do my nails and her nails at the same time and mine last for 2 weeks and hers start to "pop off" after a few days!! I dont understand! my Niece also looses her nails after about 1 week... do any of you have any solutions or tips for me that you are willing to share ...im just starting and I cant have this happen to clients! thank you !:rolleyes:
You will find that if you're doing them for free, they usually pop off. I don't know if you are but I'm suspecting you are. Paying clients look after their nail better than clients who get a freebie. :wink2:
This happened to me when I was using my sister in law as a model for both tips and sculpts.

She was losing them/breaking them within 48 hours and I was convinced it was wholly because I wasn't good enough. It gave me no measure of my ability whatsoever.

Exacerbated, I bought some cheap dual forms and applied a set to myself, purposely leaving them longer and almond shaped.

I have a 3 yr old daughter and all the daily manual tasks that go with that, yet I didn't damage a single one before rebalance!

Turns out she just didn't care and carried on playing rough with her dogs and digging in the garden because they were free and I was around the corner ready to fix them!

I knocked it on the head recently when I finally realised she was just taking the p*ss.

I think it's the same for most things. If you pay your hard earned money for something, chances are you'll take better care of it.

My sister says hers pop off alot.. Except that she pays for every set.. I dont know if its cuz she doesnt like the look of them or what.. She gets pink and whites and i am not really good at smile lines yet but i dunno. One set looked amazing and she said they popped off after 2 days although it was a different brand of l/p that didnt stay on my nails either so who knows. We will see when i try gels on her since she cant soak those off.
it does happen, I have my BFF who this happens to when I did her sculpts with Brisa Lite, It was about 4 days later when she said they were popping off so she came over and literally one popped off right in front of my eyes as she was just eating dinner with a fork ! it just about fell into her dinner !! although I thought it was my fault because when I did hers I had only just finished my training. She has trouble keeping shellac, plain polish, anything on her nails though.

I'm assuming you are talking about acrylic, the only thing you can really do is check your prep, make sure its meticulous, make sure you use scrubfresh, which monomer are you using ? what do her natural nails look like after the nail popped off ? you can usually tell if its been picked off because it will be a bit damaged, in the case of my friend her natural nails were perfect underneath no marks or anything. very strange !!!

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