What to do with old polishes?


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Apr 13, 2004
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Ok, I've decided that I'm going to switch over to a single brand of products including polishes within the next couple of weeks and I'm wondering what I should do with all my current polishes, most of which are still nearly full and none have gone gloppy yet (Nicole, OPI and Orly). In particular I have several clients who REALLY like the OPI colors, so I'm a little concerned about them.

Should I:

a) keep them around until they run out, but put them away and only use them if they're requested?
b) put them in a basket and sell them to clients for a couple bucks apiece?
c) get them out of the room entirely and sell them on ebay?
d) something else entirely?
I am in a similar position and I do a mixture of option a and option b.
OK, I've been in a similar situation with lines/shades that were being discontinued...

I would personally keep them separate until they're requested, then inform the client who requests it (while you're polishing their nails - and they can remember just how much they love the shade!!!) that you won't be getting any new supplies of that one in and would they like to buy what's left of your last one...? ;)

Trust me, they'll love you for being so thoughtful. I generally retail OPI @ £8.00 per bottle and £6.00/£6.50 per bottle if it's been used a few times. The client knows it'll last them AGES and is thrilled to be getting OPI at a bargain price. :cool: I regularly then have clients come back to me and say they loved applying the polish so much (better quality that brands available in normal stores), can they but other polishes from me too...! :lol:

Hope it works out this way for you too.

G. x
sell them, the ones that will not sell donate to a nursing home!
I would offer the colours that I know my clienta love to them explaining that you wont be getting anymore in.

The rest I would probably advertise at your local Nail College. - Students are always looking for a good deal and you wouldn't hav to pay the e-bay fees.

Good Luck

Jadey :)
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! :)
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