What would you do if you were in my shoes?


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Oct 2, 2011
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South Wales
Hi everyone,

I'm currently working in an office (which I hate), I have always had a passion for beauty and dreamt of working in the industry since I was at school.
I was talked out of doing Beauty at college, therefore ended up in an office.
I'm now doing beauty part time at college, a job had came up at a brow bar in a local department store which has caught my eye.
At the moment its 20-25hrs a week becoming full time as soon as the get an extra chair.
Obviously the money is going to be a big difference, I have no commitments though and still live at home.
I also fit hair extensions as a sideline which I would also love to have more time to do with.
I had already booked onto a brow enhancement course (like HD Brows) at the end of may so I will be qualified if I was to get the job.
Its such a big decision to make but would love some advice and opinions on what you would do?
Thanks xxx
you know what, It is so similar to me. I was in retail for 4 years after graduating from uni, and decided this january to do something i knew i wanted to do. It was a big decision as it was a plunge into the abyss, I couldnt guarantee employment after training, needed to talk to the partner to help financially until I could get onto my feet. I quit the job i hated in retail in march and currently completing my Nail Services NVQ, and you know what? It was the damn best thing I could have done. Yes it is scary, you dont have financial stability for a month or so, but it shows that you are more dedicated to the new career youre following. I've been looking for all sorts of positions temp, part time, and full time, purely because, if you get a temp part time job for only a few months, you can still move to a better job afterwards because you'll have experience.
good luck love, I'm sure you'll do well.
The worse outcome...? You gave something a go! Imagine not giving it a go....and imagine how you'll feel.
I would go for it nothing ventured nothing gained xxx
Thanks soo much for ur positive replies :) I think I'll go for it!!x x
The only regrets you should ever have in life are the missed opportunities!:D
If its something you have wanted to do.... Go for it :)!!! If you don't you will always think what if. The good thing with beauty is you can always take it with you and there is always something new coming out so it never gets boring. Iv been doing it nearly 10 years and I would never change. Good luck with whatever you decide babe xx

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