Whats most important when looking for new salon premises?

Title says it all really? When looking for premises to set up a beauty/nail salon what do you think is most important? I would imagine location, but all your comments would be greatly received.

1) LOCATION e.g High Street, Shopping Centre, Parade
2) AREA - ( I mean well off affluent area)
3) Price
4) Competion (Would you dismiss a shop because there was exsisting salon in same parade?)
5) The actual shell of shop?


Sassy Hassy

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Location location location!!!! If you can get a place with easy access and easy parking right outside then you are pretty much there! This was the advice I was given!


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Do you know, I have read them twice in the last 3 days and then forgot about them when posting this question!! My brain is on overload - I have been on this site for the last 3 days virtually continuously just reading reading and more reading!! lol - my husband and children have given up trying to communicate with me!! I am sleeping, eating, dreaming & breathing nails, beauty and salons!! lol

Thank you - I will read again and then go and have a long hot bath and try to chill for 10 minutes!! lol. :hug:


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If you want to get really detailed.....................look up the ACORN report for the specific postcode you are interested in. This will give you great financial and economic stats on a specific postcode. Lets you see which area have more expendable income!!!!! (we love expendable income:biggrin:)

ACORN - The Leading Geodemographic Classification Tool - What is ACORN

Its free too.

Once you know that the folks round about you have some cash, it might help narrow down your search for the perfect area. Then you target your shop to be of 'their type', ie if you are in a lowish income area - lots of discount advertising, prices, if you are in a high income area you use different marketing .....and different prices too!
Maximising your opportunities.

Hope this helps.x


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I would probably NOT want to open next to another salon. But someone opened a salon right next door but one to me.

Consider what other businesses are around too. If your salon would compliment them and vise versa.

If it costs more for a fab location then you will spend less on marketing/advertising. If your location is difficult to find or off the beaten track then you will have to have a substancial marketing budget which will have to be carefully planned.