When to stop a fellow student from continuously using pre-lightener?


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Jan 13, 2014
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Hi all

There is a student in my group that keeps using pre-lightener on her hair. Firstly she is blonde, then she goes dark, and this just keeps on and on. Her hair is becoming so dry, but she doesn't seem to stop! She has asked me to colour her hair and I have done once, but it is getting to the point now that - is it only going to stop when it all breaks off?????

Why doesn't she know when to stop, she has all the knowledge?

Do some students just continuously keep on until they have all of their hair drop out, is it some kind of syndrome?!
Where is the tutor?
I have done the same to my hair, I was going dark brown to blonde all the time. Everyone told me my hair was going to fall out but I genuinely just thought my hair could take all the processing untill I went a white blonde and it all broke off. I did that last April and It's only just started looking kind of healthy again. But I have learnt my lesson and I'm now so carful about putting any lightening products near my hair. So yeah she hasn't stopped because she hasn't got too the point of her hair breaking off and feeling like chewing gum and then hating her hair.. When that's happened she will be more careful with her hair and going back and forth lol X
The tutor takes no notice. Her take on it would be she is level 3 and if she is so stupid then lets watch her break all her hair off and learn the hard way.

Her hair was glossy when we started last September. I did it and put foils in with pre-lightener and a quasi. It looked nice, but since then she has been banging pre-lightener in at home too. I did politely say to her that she needs to decide, blonde or dark and stop with that for say a year. I told her that the history of her hair is beginning to build up considerably and the hair is not having enough time to re-keratinise. I think she got a bit annoyed with me because she has other students doing her hair. Its a blessing to be honest, because that day is going to come where she gets the chewing gum effect, sooner than she thinks I fear, as last week it was sticky to touch.

Oh well, I tried!
Glad MB has found out before it is too late. Try using olive oil before washing your hair, this is good for condition I have tried it and its cheap if you are on a budget like me xx

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