where can i get some nail posters from ?


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Feb 28, 2003
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Cannock Staffordshire
Hi all

im after some nice posters for my salon walls

where is the best place ?

i had some from ANT few months back but they were a bit bizzare

funky designs

im after something nice and french manicure look

ive seen some creative ones some where

they were nice and simple but classy

thanks guys

oh Many Happy returns of the day Mr Geek for Saturday :)
i bought some really nice posters from creative at gmex.they are in the creative catalogue priced at £3.50.one of them is of a french manicure stilletto style...very elegant.hope this helps
debbie :D
ooh lovely

thanks for that

have they got a website with them on ?

only i dont have there catologue when i rang up and asked
for it then said i had to join
and send my certificates and that first
which i understand why

but havnt got round to doing it
You do not have to JOIN anything to receive a Creative Catalogue, just prove that you have got a certificate to practice nails!!

We need to take precautions against consumers ringing and asking for catalogues.

I should get 'round to it asap. It is not a big thing to ask. I'm surprised any company would send out catalogues to non professionals!
yes i know i havnt got round to sending my certif yet

i do have a cert in fact i have serveral

and yes i understand why they ask for this

and im glad they do

was knocking that at all
How about the Creative Salon Pack?

I think that it is about £25 and it worth every penny!

It contains Creative carrier bags, display boxes with pictures of Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, and other nail images on them, a window sticker, a price list with pvc holder thingy, and two big double sided card board posters which look fantastic hanging from the wall!

A buy that I would definatley recommend!
well thanks for that info

i have sent my certifs of today

so hopefully will be able to order very soon

that packs sounds just the job

wonderfull your a gem


the price.
NailPro magazine always has a selection of posters for sale. See there web site at www.nailpro.com
Mainly there sell in the USA but they will also quote you prices for oversea purhases.

In the USA we have lots of nail supply houses supporting our established industry segment of high volume / low prices nail shops AND they stock and sell plenty of nail posters. They glue the posters onto a hardbacking and then laminate the entire poster with clear laquer --- looks great. I would think that maybe this supply house are beginning to open up overseas -- check them out.
beautifulnails03 said:
How about the Creative Salon Pack?

This is just the best woth every penny the 2 big card board banners look fab and they are double sided so you can change them round :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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