Where to buy Airbrush System?


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Mar 4, 2007
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Hi Geeks,

Where's the best place to buy an airbrush system/paint, etc and roughly how much do they cost??

Thanks in advance
Is it for nail art? Here's a link to a good place in the UK:


They sell complete kits so you can buy everything you need in one go.

thanks for the link jackie,i also found it very helpful:)
I brought mine off E-Bay someone referred a guy called Mike to me, it was another geek but i cant remember who, i'd def reccomend him.
you could try [email protected], he has airbrush systems there and will advise. I purchased mine and he was helpful and professional, service was good also
Thank you this gives me an idea of what I should expect to pay. Might have a look on geekbay aswell incase anyone's selling any 2nd hand.

Thank you xx
hi, i have one you can buy if you want to it hasnt even done a full set i have just played with it had it about 3 years good as new just stuck under stairs dont think the paint is any good:eek: but got a book and vid some where:confused: let me know hun.

Thanks not sure I could afford to spend any more money on nail stuff before xmas but i'll pm you after if im still interested and see if you still got it.

Thank You

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