Where to buy creative in the USA?


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Apr 11, 2004
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Heya nail geeks. Long time lurker posting for the first time. I'm Allyn (not to be confused with AYLIN :). I've got a question i can only hope some of you know the answer to:

I'm in the USA, and wanted to make the shift to creative products (retention in particular). Now before all of you go jumping me for not taking the special course and stuff, please realize i only do nails for the family. i'm basically self tought and extremely small-time. i have a decent technique, but still cant get good adhesion, mostly due to not having some of the necessities required for proper prep (i.e. scrub-fresh, etc).
i've done some research and the 'retention+ starter kit' would probably last me for months. the only catch is that i would also like to get a small sampling of the colored acrylics as well (like those primary colors that you can mix and make what colors you want). the wife is addicted to cobalt blue and im sure she would dig the idea of only needing clear polish.
so... are there any usa distributors that are 'small-time', and can handle single small orders?

Thanks in advance for any advice
Al Malventano, ETC(SS), USN
In USA you need to be licenced to be able to purchase professional products......
You can`t buy Creative products without being trained either
Anna/Debs, thanks for your replies. (jeesh, you guys make it sound like the police would be after you if you had the stuff :). It sounds as if you couldnt even buy the 'try me' kit without being trained, which makes no sense...
No, its not police LOL, just said that you cannot buy anythng in the supply store without licence.
I couldn't buy a haircolor at my supply store either because I don't have a hairdressing licence, so don't feel bad :rolleyes:
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