Where to train-eyelash perming???

Loulou Mc

Hi guys

Can anyone tell me of a good place to train in eyelash perming and tinting please.

I have looked at several threads on here but none say where to go.

I am in Kent but I don't mind traveling if the school and it's training is worth it.

My insurance is with the Guild so it would help if the schools were accredited by them too. I have checked their training directory but it's always good to get advice on training schools from those who have been to them - I have been stung by rubbish training before and don't want to throw my money away.

Hope someone can help.

gillian w

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If you have a capital hair and beauty wholesalers in your area they do training for lash tints and perming.
I bought a kit from ellisons for perming which i just do on my friends and daughter as im not trained so not insured, but it comes with a video and instructions and it is amazing and also very easy to do.

Loulou Mc

Thanks Gill

I will give them a ring or pop over if I can resist temptation and not buy anything!!!!


Im sure you can also do the same course at your local Sally's. I think its a day course. Profesional Beauty Direct DO accept this certificate for insurance, so i would imagine The Guild would to (best to check with them though). As far as i know its a Training Solutions course.

Training Solutions in Beauty Introduction

HTH xxx