Which Course Is Best?? I'm A Newbie!!!


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Jul 16, 2004
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Hinckley, Leicestershire

I'm a newly qualified beauty therapist and want to be a nail technician also.

I have found these companys so far can you lovely ladies give me your views on the best ones.

Millenium Nails
Star Nails (The nail company Weybridge)
Essential Nails (Home Learn)

Can anyone advise me of which is best and of anymore that you may know of.


THANK YOU !!!!!!

PICKLE GEM X :confused:
Hi Picklegem

Welcome to the site from a fellow Sussex chick :green: (I'm in Brighton)

All of the courses you have mentioned are well known and have been discussed, rated, recommended and reviewed (delete as applicable!!) here many many times - the best thing to do is use the Search feature on here and put in the name of each company in turn.

You will find probably hundreds of posts on each of the companies, so plenty of research to keep you amused for hours!!

Good luck and welcome :cool:

Hiya Picklegem,
I would say which product you choose is what will be suitable for you personally. We all have different prefences and while one person will think something is no good, Another will swear by it. I would say do your homework, Read up on each company. Send for try me kits, Read about their education programmes and then decide.
As far as which company is concerned, do a search on Education and i'm sure you will find lots to read!

As far as which product is concerned, i'd check out what is popular in your area first. It depends on whether you want to go for what everyone is using to start with or whether you want to go for something different and try to persuade people to that product knowing that you are in the minority of people who do it (if that makes sense!). Personally i think the best one to learn first is L&P as its the hardest to master but once you have that skill the rest follows on nicely.
I agree with Carole on this, you need to find what is done in your area and what people seem to go for. In my area, Essex, most people go for either Gel or Acrylic, so i've trained in Acrylic Liquid and Powder and i also do Fibreglass, so that i've got something different to offer as well as something that most people want.

Keep your options open, and get as many sample kits as possible. As Lesley said, what works for others may not work for you. I trained with Star Nails products, but after sampling many others, really found i got on better with EZ Flow, so its really personal preference.

Good luck, and we are all here to help.:)

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