Which gel polish for the lamp I bought?


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Mar 18, 2008
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Hi i recently had to repalce my gel uv lamp so went to salyys and got myself a 36 watt lamp. However i would love to get into a gel or power polish as they last so much longer. I don't really want the expense of buying a new lamp so which system can i use with the lamp i have already. This lamp has just cost me the best part of 100 pounds!
Anyone use a normal 36 watt uv lamp with any of the systems>
Hi Tara didn't want to read and run. I can't give a definitive answer as I only do Shellac but I believe that Gelish and OPI GelColour will cure with that lamp.

Can I ask why you bought that lamp? Only because a lot of advice points to using the correct lamp per system. In the absence of any better geeks coming along I suggest you use the search facility and research what lamps are needed for each system -Gelish, gelllux, gelcolour, icon, Eco, artistic etc there's loads!
You can probably buy any gel. You will not be able to buy Shellac as a.) it is not gel, and b.) it requires it's own CND UV Lamp.
Ask the supplier what is required to cure their gel. You have endless options as all gels are so similar.
My uv gel lamp broke and i was doing a set of NSI balance gels that evening so needed a lamp. I went to sallys and brought the lamp for that reason. i understand the cocept of the right lamp for each system but this lamp works well for what i do now and i don't want the added exspense of another lamp! Thanks for your replys much apprieciated!

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