Which nail course to start with ?


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Jan 18, 2007
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I'll be a mature student and it'll be part time with money beig an issue as not too much to throw around but whats the best nail courses to do to get started - some part time coleges say you have to have manicure and pedicure to do acrylics and gel whereas others you don't need manicure and pedicure.

Am I right in thinking there isn't much money to be made in manicure and pedicure so why waste £200 training in it!
Ive decided to be sensible and do the job right - have sent off an application to a local college to start with their Manicure and Pedicure course, from that can continue with all the other nail course.
I am really pleased to read that you have chosen this route. Too many people want to take the easy option and do, in my opinion, a silly 2 day course that really doesn't teach you that much. Whilst the majority of my work is enhancements, you will be suprised in the summer how many mani's and pedi's you will be asked to do.

Most reputible companies will insist that you have a manicure certificate, not to mention Insurance companies, before you can do an enhancement course with them.

Good luck
Thanks hun.

I figured that I'd be totally embarressed if someone asked me to do something basic and I wasn't trained in it. Also I wouldn't be employable by a salon, etc if I didn't have all the qualifications.

The college I am going to go with insists you have to do this first.

Im waiting for the college to invite me in for assessment, etc but I've phoned and its just a formality they do - I will then know start dates for training - I can't wait to get started.

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