which nail tech course is the best one?


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Dec 11, 2003
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first of all, i am sorry for my bad english.
I am come from Hong Kong. I want to be a nail tech.
However, there are just few nail tech course
that i can choose, but i don't know which one is the best?
Would someone help me to choose one of the nail tech course is suitable for me? All these course just teaching UV gel
Thanks a lot^_^

1. LCN - foundation course 4hrs US$550
2. IBD - foundation course 30hrs US$750
3. Ezflow - 10hrs US$315
4. Star nail - 10hrs US$225
Sawasdee ka

I sorry i can not speak about best course other lady will help you for sure but i want ask is there many Nail salon in Hong kong and if them salon use gel not l&p and why you think that .

I think maybe geeg or mrs geek can speak about more training because them know some things about asia nail training .

The only thing i want speak is in 4 hour can lean nothing but maybe i wrong i think need 3 or 4 day for sit and can learn some thing for then go away and make practice .

I want ask because hong kong because in Thailand nails new shops like to use l&p and in singapore use gel but most training in Thai is with l&p i know we must try learn all system but i only 1 at 1 at time.

Can you speak about a little about nail in Hong kong because i want to learn and i see some magazine nail in them speak Taiwan but not as many i see from japan .

Kop khun ka mui ka

there are one nail tech course is quite expensive about US 4400, therefore i haven't consider that nail tech school.
would you mind to tell me what is L&P? I also buy some magazine from japan, of course i just see the picture and do not know what it is talking about. Acrylic is very popular in hong kong and taiwan. And little people use gel system in taiwan. Most of nail tech course is hold in a small salon.
and it is difficult to know the ability of the teacher. I can say not much hong kong girl doing their nail.
I have never tried the EZ flow gel.

And the lowest price course is NOT the one to go for.

I am very familiar with LCN (I used to teach for them) and IBD..

My choice would be IBD. Their education format is excellent and the product is also extensive in range and it is a very high quality gel.
sawasdee ka rydia

It is very nice to see some new lady from asia come to geek web site how you find this web site ka .

And l&p is liquid and powder for make acrylic nail if you look on search you will seemany thing about l&p .

I come here to this web site for learn every day b4 i do course 4 days and have teacher no good but after i have course 10 day with lady she work in america nail for 5 year and i learn from her but i learn more from come this web site .

But i understand have course in salon same Thailand and be carefull have lady can teach good because i 1 time make mistake have lady teach no good .

i hope we can be friend ka .

Lady and man in this web site will take care of you very very good for you will learn many for sure .

Kop khun ka mui ka
thanks, Geeg and Mui

I will try IBD course later, but IBD nail course just hold about one month in Hong Kong. They still haven't rent a place for teaching. The teacher is not speaking chinese, so she has a translator.

I am not quite confidence of hongkong's nail teacher. I had go to a small nail tech school in HK, the teacher teach very little knowledge about gel nail and nail structure. She just teach me how to apply UV gel and put some rhinestones inside the gel. That's all she teach me.

Before i decide to taking a nail tech course, i had search many website about nail system and product. Therefore, i had find this web site.
Mui, i am pleased to make a freindship with you.
I have just written articles for Professional Nail and Nails mag, on how to choose a good training course. If you get those mags, watch out for the article, i hope it helps.

Dont be afraid to ask lots of questions, its important to know what you are getting before you spend your money.

Good Luck!
chocolate :

Can u send me your articles?
Because i donno where i can get the magazine.
Thank you
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