Which roller wax system to use.....????


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Oct 3, 2010
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scarborough, england
Which roller wax system does anyone recommend? I use clean and easy at the moment and am setting up on my own and not sure i want to take the system with me, i don't like the wax or the creams, but do like the heater! Are other heaters just as good, like satin smooth or hive?
please help, thanks!
You could use Salon Systems 75g cartridges in the Clean n Easy heater and any lotions you like.
Yeah i would use it if the heater was mine, but it means buying a new one and seems silly paying for the set when i don't use many of the items in it. i also could just buy the machine on it's own but its quite expensive.
Which ones have you used?
i quite like the hive heater for the roller wax as it easy to keep clean and also then cartridges with the fixed head are alot better then the one you can twist on and off
I'm not a roller fan I'm afraid but I do have a Clean n Easy heater that I used to use when I first started. (That's how I know the Salon Systems cartridges fit.) Sorry not to be more helpful!
If you want to pay the postage and clean it you can have it!
Oh that would be brilliant, thank you. Where abouts are you?
I have just read that you are in berkshire, silly me!
Let me know how much postage is! Are they easy to clean? I haven't used the one at the old salon i worked in enough to know!
i don't know where to find my private message??!!

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