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Feb 20, 2010
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Hi a quick question,I have a lady booked in for mani, pedi ,facial,which order should I do it in.I have not had anyone booked in for this combo yet! I started my home salon in May and seem to be doing ok although it is quiet at the moment but I used my time to go round the motor park where there seem to be lots of ladys working there.Well it payed off as this lady rang about half an hour later!! So any help and tips from you would be great.
It all depends.. when you carry out a facial do you do a foot massage whilst the steam is on or a hand massage whilst the mask is on. I do it like this so would do the mani/pedi after the facial. Others may not like sitting there without any make up on to have the mani/pedi. Maybe ask the client which way round she would prefer it.x
I do pedi first, then mani, then facial. I do the mani and just before the polish I get the client to get change and lay under the towel. One it's gives plenty of time for the polish to have dried, and two because it's nice to end the treatment's with the relaxing treatment last, eg facial. If that makes sense. But that's just me and how I do it, everyone is different it just depends what suit's you.

Well done with the leaflet's it's just thinking of places.lol

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