which tanning solution ????


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Aug 24, 2007
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bristol, england
hi there,

can somebody please give me some advise, i have been using the solglo solution when doing spray tanning and recently i have found a change in the solution (before the packaging relaunch). when i have used it previously i have given my clients a lovely colour that they can see straight away but the last couple of bottles i have used and come out a greeny gey colour and i find i am having to spray more of it to get a darker colour, like i said previously it has been really nice to work with.

im thinking about changing the solution that i use but there are so many out there dont know where to start, heard loads of good stuff about tantrick so wouldnt mind trying that but does anyone know where i can get a sample of it before i buy a bottle

any other ides would be a great help

thanks people xx:green:
Hi a few on here use tantrick i too have also tried it.
The best thing to do is ring round companies and ask for some samples some charge and some dont then you can make up your own mind what you want.
I have gone with celebrity secrets and all my clients love it.
I used to use solglo, lovely colour but lots of overspray.. then changed to sienna x nice colour but I think comes off quickly

Now using Beau Bronz, expensive but worth it.

Tantrick is highly rated on here

I use Fake Bake which I think is great as a spray tan.

It has a green base so clients never go orange and have had clients moving from one salon to mine as they prefer the colour.
Does anyone know if Tantrick is available in the U.S.? I'm unable to find information about it for the U.S. :irked:
Okay I'd just like to correct a few things here.

Firstly overspray is down to the spray unit you are using, and down to the settings of said unit and has nothing to do with the solution itself.

Clients only go orange if the percentage of the DHA is too high for the clients natural skin tone. That is why it is important for you to find a Company that offers a range of solutions to suit all skin tones, and why a good consultation with the client will determine which solution to use.

What you initially spray on a client is not the tan, it is a colour GUIDE (unless there are tans out there that achieve an instant tan that I haven't heard of). It is not the tan itself. This takes time to develop to achieve the actual tan. As an FYI, it is the product reacting with the amino acids in your skin and not the melanin -that some people think is how it works- which sits deep in the dermis. This is why you advise people to shower after so many hours to allow the tan to develop, and why when they first shower there is often a residue in the water as you wash the guide off, leaving the developed tan to show through.

What usually happens when you initially spray with a resultant green effect is that the red additive in the colour guide has broken down giving the resultant green glow! This is usually because the solution is either out of date, and/or not stored properly. Make sure you store it in a cool, dark place and keep it in containers that are as airtight as possible. Don't leave it in the jar that attaches to your unit if you are not spraying regularly during the day. If you are a busy salon then empty it back into the main bottle at the end of each working day, otherwise do it after each client.

If you had a client who had a problem you'd probably want them to let you know so that you can rectify the situation. I am sure that Solglo would like to hear from you so that a. they know there could be an issue with a batch of the solution and b. to give them an opportunity to rectify it. Changing brands is a costly solution to the solution!

Finally if you really feel the need to move brands then do as Nail Creations said, try out the brands for YOURSELF and find a solution that ticks all your boxes and not someone elses boxes! Have a read of this too http://www.salongeek.com/business/48067-sassy-guide-choosing-spray-tanning-company.html
i use naturasun, its a lovely tan to work with, it has ten different colours so ther is one to suite everyone.

have used fake bake too which is nice but every salon by me uses it so i got a different one in and am able to charge more as there is nothing to compare it to.

good luck in your search
have you tried turning down the psi on your spray tan machine?? They may have reformulated the formula in if its now thinner liquid it will come out quicker.

I have done spray tanning for about 6 years, used dinair, heavenly bodies, st tropez, fantasy tan and fake bake.

I have used NaturaSun for the last 3 years and found it the best by far. They have around 10 colours but to be honest you will find you will mainly just use 3 of them to suit most peoples skin types. The solution is a good price and they always have special offers. I found I get best colour from these and that it wears off quite evenly (unlike other brands i've used) lasting for average 7-10days (again others seem to last 3-5days only).

Let me know if you need any more help:)

faye x
:green: ah thanks ladies loads of good advise in there,

i have contacted a few places so hopefully get a few samples soon and give them ago.

thanks again

any one else !!!!!

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