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Oct 29, 2003
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Hi, have managed to come up with more questions in my head that i do not seem to be able to solve.

Firstly Nail tips, which ones are better for what, it all confuses me, is there any ruleing on which goes with which, Bitten nails for example is it better to use formation, velocity or what. When I was taught (not creative trained by the way yet!) we were showed to cut the tip well part down so that the tip only ever covered less than half the nail bed, however when one uses the eclipse nail tips they arrive with a little v cut out, so do you cut it down and file in another v or do you just leave it be? The velocity tip is a fast blending tip so can that be used on any nail type? Oh questions questions questions?

I know I am a night mare sorry.

Ok and client record cards, I was wondering what system others used, do you have an A4 sheet with all details to be completed on and then keep then in a folder, or do you have little cards that go in a filing box? Which do you feel is better or easier. I currently have little cards however my worries over this is when you have a regular client and you fill the whole of the reverse side of the card with all your coments each week, what happens when you have no more room, do you get another card out and re fill all personal details and start like fresh or do you just attach an extra piece of paper for notes? Would be interested to hear what others views are on this and what sort of questions they ask, I have my cards like i said but like to be safe than sorry if you know what I mean.

Thanks Grace x
2nd question first.
Log on to www.designernails.com and go to the NVQ section. I think Element one will contain a sample client record card for you. It is an A4 sheet that we always kept in a poly pocket for each client and stored in a Lever Arch ring file. Every morning they were pulled for each client and blank ones for the new clients.

1st Question.

a. All Creative tips have a thin and tapered contact area for easy blending and are designed to meld snugly to the natural nail.
b. The tips have a reinforced stress area along the sidewalls that protect the tip from cracking and breakage
c. To help position the tip properly, all Creative tips have a deep stop point in the well of the tip. This deep stop also protects the free edge of the natural nail while growing out.
d. All tips are high grade 'virgen' ABS plastic. Virgen means that the waste plastic is never reused but only for one run of tips; this ensures colour stability and strength.

FORMATION - conforms to most nail shapes. available in natural or clear. Full contact area - perfect for the 'square' nail.

VELOCITY - Fast blending tip. Dramatic side curve and 'c' curve. Micro contact area. In natural, white or clear. Tapered side walls. Perfect for oval or 'squoval' shape.

ECLIPSE - For nails with deep side walls. Available in natural or clear. winged contact area to allow for different 'c' curves. Nice for square nails.

All can be used on nail biters. If you wish to remove some of the well of the velocity tip then do so. Notch it again if you need to ... don't if you don't.
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