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Apr 19, 2003
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Just a little tip....dont put your white powder in your case when going on holiday. I've just come back from Florida and KNEW that I'd locked my case on the way back but when I got it at baggage reclaim customs had had it open, opened all my nail stuff (which then leaked) and then put a plastic lock on it instead. At the time I wondered why but then somebody came in the shop the other day and mentioned that they always got stopped at customs because they were carrying L&P in their hand luggage, they tend to think its cocaine. :shock:

HOW FUNNY IS THAT!!!!! God I couldve been looking at lifetime imprisonment if Id been in Thailand...instead I work at the Academy in Essex which is nearly the same - only joking Tracey!!! :D
LOL well that will teach ya!!!!!!!!
Now they think you are a cokehead Techie lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What about the monomer, did you take that too!!!!!!
Cause that would be sooooooo naughty lol !!!!!!!!!!!!

But just think the fab nails you could have done there!!!!!!
You could have always filed your way out through the bamboo bars on the cell door, if it had been Thailand.

But since it was Florida , they might have just send you across the water to Cuba lol.

But glad you came back all in one piece hun.
love Ruth xxxx
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