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Jun 19, 2011
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As in the title really, I have been doing my own nails for a year using nsi gel (my friend was giving up and i bought her kit, just want to say I have never done anyone else's as not qualified and I'd be too scared so please don't shout at me for doing nails unqualified) basically I want to train and become a nail technician. Tbh I'm not keen on nsi as buffing off is a bit of a pain. I've looked at biosculpture but also read a lot on here about CND. Any suggestions? Also what course would I need to do? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated :)
Hi you can do a basic Manicure/Pedi course then do a Gel polish I recently done Gellux and I am doing OPI gel course in a few weeks I have the kit and have been practicing so easy to come of no buffing just falls of when wrap removed after 15 mins. Hope this helps I have just started with nails myself xxx
I trained with CND L+P acrylics so i have the foundations in enhancements, I have been looking in to various course's.
I have decided to train with Harmony next and do their Gelish Course which wont break the bank.
A friend of mine has also been looking into course's and has booked a few with Capital beauty wholesaler. I had a look on there training site and they do a variety of courses which include O.P.I Axxium soak off gel and Gellux.
Great thank you both :) may sound stupid asking this but I'd like to be able to do gel extensions, do you have to train with a specific brand to use their products? Also would I need to do a manicure course before taking a training course in gel? I can't find much info on the Internet. Really like the idea of doing the gelish or opi gel colour as an additional thing.
It is recommended that you train with the company you want to buy from - NSI are fantastic (although I only use their L&P) and so are CND, but there are a few great companies that many geeks recommend. If you decide to train with a company but then want to switch to another to use their products, it's best to do a conversion course as every company has a different way of doing things.

I did my mani/pedi course before training in enhancements, because it seemed the right way to do it... I don't think there's any set way though. xxx
I can understand why you would be confused .. And you are right to do your research because there are a million and one people 'out there' ready to hood wink you and take your money. So ....... Go for reputation and experience. Call CND and talk to then 'in person' about what you want to do.
CND have won numerous training awards
Have over 25 years experience in the UK teaching nail technology
The best educators in the UK along with the industry's leading brand of products.

Ring Sweet Squared on 08452106060 after the holiday and let them guide you.

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