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Oct 1, 2010
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i am looking to find a wholesalers in liverpool that stock everything, the ones i have found only stock bits of what i want or need and then i have to travel another place to get the rest... i used to go to capital in bristol but theres not one near me if anyone knows one that should have all i need please help would save a lot of time and travel expense :)
Buy direct from whom you trained with,, buy clever and buy in bulk. I hate the wholesales places, pretty poor in terms of artificial nail stuff imo.

Theres an alan howard in aintree a ashtons in town both need proof of public liability and trsaining certs to buy. xx
thank you i will get in touch with them and see what they offer, is the alan howard any good? i have only looked on there online and they dont seem to have much there.
Honestly?? no but it depends what you want really, I buy CND products so cant buy from there. |They sell alot of nsi stuff from what ive noticed, the files are poor in my standards. I only really buy box couch roll, orangewood sticks and shampoo and conditioner lol:):). xx
Have a look at Salonserve for all your bits and pieces, you can look at their range online and then ring your order in. I have been using them for years, they deliver next day almost every time and their prices are great and the quality is good enough for all your disposables and consumables. For nail products I use various companies who are product specific.

Salonserve are very friendly and you can save a fortune if you buy in bulk from them. Orders over £50 come postage and packing free! :green:
oh great will search them now :D thank you


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