why do podiatrists do such a bad job cutting toenails?


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Christie's Nails

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
Whenever a client of mine goes to a podiatrist (corn removal etc) the doctor cuts their toenails. And does a horrible job!!! I just cannot believe a trained foot doctor would be so crappy at cutting nails.
The last one was a client of mine who had a stroke nearly 30 years ago so one side of her body does not work well. She comes in regularly for her fills (quite a wrestling match as her left hand wants to clamp to her chest) and regular pedis. But because she walks oddly from her stroke she developes a corn on the bottom of her good foot. Well anyway she comes in and tells me that the doc. cut her toenails while she was there and one of them was really hurting. I looked at her big toe and it was cut super crooked and right into the quick. It did not look infected at the time so I told her we would keep an eye on it.
Well the next week she comes in for her pedi...her toe was all infected with an ingrown toenail! This woman can only use one hand. She can't even rub lotion on her good hand. Let alone care for an infected ingrown toenail. I told her she needs to chew that doctor out. That is rediculous that she goes to a doctor and he cuts her nail so short it gets infected...just completely rediculous.
I think the main problem is that so many people don't take pride in their work and continue to do a second rate job. I agree your client should go back and rip him a new one (as the geek would say) :arg: . Meanwhile you're having to fix his problem while your poor client is in great pain and beleive me - an in-growing toe nail is 'megga' painful. You tell her to sort him out Christie or, I wouldn't be suprised if you didn't get on the phone and speak to this prat!!! :cus: :gun:
Maybe he's creating his next appointment - an ingrown toenail could be a nice little earner for him, lol. Seriously though, this is not funny at all as one of the first things a Podiatrist/Chiropodist is taught to do is cut toe nails. If I were that client I would only be going back to him to tell him one thing - "Get back to school quack!"
My Dad is diabetic and he was letting his doc cut his toenails. He left them ragged and uneven, so I had to go back with a file a smooth them out. Now I give my Dad a pedicure before his appointments. The doc even commented on how nice his nails looked! ;)
I think they are just not in to the whole "cosmetic beauty" aspect of things......they look at it from a more medical stand point. Just cut the toenails crooked and move on to the next "patient" LOL! :rolleyes:

Leigh Ann
Hi everybody,
My name is Marilyn and I work with Lynda, one of the regular board users.
I am a fully trained Chiropodist and quite frankly I am horrified at the comments I have just read.
Should I ever want to move state side I think I would be more than qualified, and would be prepared to teach some of your foot doctors a thing or too.

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