Why is everything going wrong today?


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Mar 18, 2008
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Can't believe it. Just had lady in for gel nails with tips. Tips just wouldn't blend. Did a set last night and were fine. This lady had really short nails could it have been that? Did it in the end took me an hour longer!!! Bet she'll never have them again. Although she has booked for two weeks to have them removed. Also manged to catch her with a file so she has like a paper cut now!
I must admit i did feel flustered when she came in as she said she'd got alot to do today. Anyway she didn't seem too bad when she left. Just could kick myself!!! Sorry just wanted a rant. :eek:
Has anyone had a bad day what when wrong what was the outcome?
aghh we all have days like these, im just finishing college at the mo but do a few clients & i have days where stuff goes wrong like this, i have cut a clients finger with nail clippers & waxed a patch of skin off a clients eyebrow oops! nothing worse than that yet touch wood but we all have times when things go wrong for us! x
we all have off days, me more than most. just dont let them knock your confidence :p

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